About Gwynedd Gynaladwy

Promoting the principles of sustainability in Gwynedd

Welcome to this Website

Although, sadly, the original SGG website is no longer available, this site attempts to give details of Sustainable Gwynedd's previous work, background and latest news.

However, it should be noted that this website site is not affiliated or connected to the Original persons or organisation known as Gwynedd Gynaladwy

The aim is as of the original site, which is to support the principles of sustainability in Gwynedd as follows: Living so that people's needs, including those of future generations, are fairly met without using more than the planet and its biodiversity can support.

Sustainable Gwynedd brought together information about all these initiatives and promoted them to individuals, communities and businesses.

Development Officer Jane Evans once said,

There are loads of great schemes in Gwynedd which aim to contribute to sustainable development, but we found that many people weren't aware of them.

About Sustainable Gwynedd (SGG)

SGG was formed to raise awareness of sustainable development in Gwynedd, and to boost the confidence of the voluntary sector and individuals to take action to improve their communities and protect their habitat. Sustainable Gwynedd was set out to be managed by several directors.

They believed that co-operation, building strong relationships between statutory agencies, the voluntary sector and individuals was the best way to ensure  everyone worked together to revitalize and protect the future of the region.

Sustainable Gwynedd is a voluntary group which promotes sustainability throughout Gwynedd. It receives and shares information about sustainability news and initiatives within the County of Gwynedd and works with community groups to encourage them to work more sustainably.

Whether it’s free compost bins from the local council, or a fact sheet about reusable nappies, people should know about it and use it.

Residents are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, but sometimes take it for granted. The hope is, that by making people aware of the small changes they can make to their lives, it will help them make a significant reduction in their environmental impact.

What can be aimed for?

  • Reduction of the loss of non-renewable resources
  • avoiding endangering cultures and communities
  • protecting cultural and intellectual freedom
  • promoting a fairer society, locally and globally
  • ensuring pollution created does not affect other areas
  • avoiding waste and treating any created as a resource
  • protecting biodiversity
  • creating a vibrant local economy; considering quantity and quality
  • working with Gwynedd’s unique resources, culture and heritage
  • encouraging new ideas appropriate for the local context
  • promoting reduced consumption
If everyone made even a small step towards any of the points above it would make a considerable difference over the long term future of the region.